Perfected since 1926, each Carfax Case holds up to 25 cards, ensuring you have a clean and presentable business card each and every time!

What’s more, it couldn’t be easier to use. Just turn your top card back like you would the page of a book, and the card just snaps out clean in your hand!

This page is to help you design and
personalise your own unique Carfax Case Card

Just follow these simple steps

Choose the paper from our material list


Decide on the size of your card


Choose the method of printing you require from either thermographic (raised printing) or
lithographic (standard flat printing)


Choose any special process in addition to step 3. (optional)


Choose the colour of the cover that best complements
your company identity. (Metallic covers optional)


Choose whether you would like your cover embossed or printed. (optional)

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Carfax Cards Price List

Prices exclude VAT and delivery. Initial design & artwork will be charged for when applicable.
Die stamping, foiling, embossing or process colours are all available - prices on request.

Approximately 25 cards per book

10 Books 20 Books 40 Books
1 colour
£99.50 £143.70
2 colour
81.55 119.65 176.85
3 colour
117.70 175.10 261.15
4 colour
127.60 189.20 281.70

Approximately 20 cards per book


10 Books 20 Books 40 Books
1 colour
84.80 £128.40 193.75
2 colour
106.20 158.80 237.60
3 colour


4 colour
172.00 260.60 392.00

Reverse Printing
(Thermographic printing is not available on both sides)
10 Books 20 Books 40 Books
1 colour
38.10 56.80 85.30
2 colour
47.25 70.85 106.95

Leather Wallets
Embossed with your company logo - prices on request.
1-10 11 or more
20.00 each 17.35 each
Embossed with your initials
26.80 each 20.75 each

Colours available:
Blue, Black, British Racing Green, Navy and Tan.

  • Proofs, when requested, are free and are sent by fax or pdf. Authors Corrections are charged at £5.00 per name.
  • For the Indigo 7 colour digital press, please refer to the 2 colour Litho prices.
  • N. B. If proofs are not passed within one calender month, we reserve the right to charge for typesetting.

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Material List

The above prices include the cost of our standard white board: 280 gsm Excelda Ivory, 330 gsm Printspeed and 335 gsm Grosvenor.

Alternative materials available from 3.35 through to 11.20 extra per 10 books.

Conqueror Wove:
  • Oyster/Cream/High White/Brilliant White/Diamond White
  • Matt coated/Colorplan Range incl. duplex PLike/Most US stocks-Strathmore, Cranes Crest, Mohawk

Any suitable material is available - prices on request.

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Business card sizes
  • 54mm x 85mm
  • 54mm x 92mm
  • 60mm x 92mm
  • 50mm x 90mm
  • 50mm x 76mm
  • 44mm x 77mm

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Cover Colour List

The following colours are standard. Prices are included in our price list.

Guardsman Red Sandstone Twill
Royal Blue Galvanised

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